About Us
The Kaua'i Woodturners is one of the over 350 chapters worldwide of the American Association of Woodturners (www.woodturner.org). The club is comprised of experienced, professional level turners, as well as those at the intermediate and beginning levels. Anyone interested in woodturning, or in learning the craft, is welcome to join. Members are more than willing to share their expertise, and some are available to give lessons to beginners. The purpose of the club is to encourage members to advance their woodturning skills and creativity, and to share knowledge of new advances in the field.

The club meets semi-monthly for talk-story, show and tell, and demonstrations. A "club challenge" is issued for each meeting to showcase member's work on a specific project. The club occasionally hosts touring professionals who demonstrate and give hands-on instruction. Club members themselves provide demonstrations at local craft fairs where their work may also be available for purchase. Our work can also be seen in local galleries and most members donate items to Kaua'i's numerous charity auctions.

Non-members are invited to attend our meetings, as are woodturners who are vacationing on Kaua'i. Those who are unable to attend a meeting are encouraged to contact the club President or
Vice President/Secretary for a shop and gallery tour. We routinely provide visiting turners with flat-rate box shipments of exotic woods to the mainland.