Mark Magelssen (Kaua'i Wood-N-Things)

Mark Magelssen attended a wood turning demonstration in August 2010 and was immediately hooked. Joining the Kauai Wood Turners Club, he started turning in 2011 at Robin Clark's shop, bought a lathe, then built his own shop in 2012. He loves turning LARGE bowls off the end of the lathe, small pens and everything in between. His wood turning has given him new insight into his day job as an ER physician, having ended up as a patient in the ER. Even so, Mark looks forward to retiring so he can spend more time in his wood shop. He feels blessed to be able to work with the many beautiful woods of Kauai. His work can be found at "The Koa Store" in Lihue and "Havaiki" in Hanalei.

Walnut (from Iowa) natural edge 11" x 4"


22-inch Cook Pine Platter

18-inch Mango Natural Edge

17-inch Mango Natural Edge

21-inch Cook Pine Platter

20-inch Lychee

Mark also makes smaller items, such as pens

Norfolk Pine 10.5" x 9.5"

Natural Edge Koa 12" x 6" x 6"

Mark with glowing Norfolk Pine bowl

Updated 7/1/14