Robin Clark

Robin Clark is a semi-retired medicinal chemist who moved to Kauai from California in 2001. He has subsequently pursued his long dormant interest in woodworking and makes bowls, jewelry boxes, and indoor and outdoor furniture. His woodshop in Lawai is solar (photovoltaic) powered and has been featured in American Woodworker Magazine. He works with native and non-native woods which are available in abundance from his tree-trimming friends. Much of his work is donated to fund-raising events for local charities.

In his woodturning he concentrates on functional bowls and platters, letting the wood speak for itself without embellishment off the lathe.

12 in. Koa Platter

12 in. Mango Platter

12 in. Norfolk Pine Platter

Norfolk Pine 12 in. Salad Bowls

Start of milo production run (commission for client).
Largest log is about 12 in. in diameter

Finished milo production run of bowls and boxes

3 - 4 in. milo boxes

5 - 6 in. milo calabashes and log

16 in. monkeypod bowl with pewa patches

Cored mango set (largest is 17 in.)

14 in. natural edge camphor bowl

13 in. mango crotch

13 in. Cook Pine Natural Edge Salad Bowls

Set of Sugi Pine (Cryptomeria japonica) bowls

Updated 7/10/14